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It was a great day for hearty tugs!

24th Annual Tugrace!

The morning was misty and rain was predicted for the day but as boaters do we carried on and set up for the day’s events. Despite the wind and rain, the tugs began to gather for our 24th Annual Tugrace.

The race had already been postponed once for Hurricane warnings, so we were determined to carry on despite Hurricane Matthew hovering a little south of us.

The tugs proudly parade up the Hudson to the starting line. We raced with less tugs this year but not because of the weather in NY, a few tug companies were headed south to aid in Hurricane Mathew's aftermath.

After the race the tugs participated in the nose to nose contest and a few brave tugs came in for the line toss even though the current was strong and it was a more difficult task this year.

Our spectator boat caught it all close up and personal!

We relocated our spinach eating contest and Award Ceremony to the classroom on Pier 84 provided by Manhattan Kayak. A big thanks to them for the dry space. It was quite a day! Thank you to all the tugs who participated!

Thank to Phyllis Featherstone & Glen Raymo for Pictures

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Tugboat Charters

The WHC does not rent tugboats nor at this time know of any nonprofit organization that offer tug rides or charters. If we learn of any organizations in the future that offer such services we will post it on our website. 




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Fair Winds
Captain John W. Doswell


Captain John W. Doswell, our captain, our North Star, our guiding light passed away on Friday 2 January, 2015

"...As executive director of the Working Harbor Committee, John would orchestrate the most amazing extravaganzas. 22 years of Tug Boat Races, international ship visits (including a 16th century replica of a Spanish Galleon), OpSail 2012, where part of the challenge was to find berthing for dozens of vessels from around the world.Only one man could make it all happen. Doswell...."

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Peter Stanford 
WHC Founder & Inspiration

Peter Stanford passed away on
Thursday morning, March 24, 2016.

"...Peter Stanford spent his life founding things,
it seems – South Street Seaport Museum,
National Maritime Historical Society, and – highlight in our own lives – the Working Harbor
Committee among them

His heart was gladdened at the WHC’s developing strengths in its educational programs, its tours for underserved youth who discover the harbor and learn about maritime careers in the industry.  He was passionate about our mission of teaching NY/NJ harbor history and life today and thus enhancing the harbor’s future, and impressed by WHC’s willingness to work hard to achieve that mission..."

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by Terry Walton
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