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photo: tugboats race on the Hudson River

Our September tugboat race draws an enthusiastic crowd to Manhattan's Pier 84.

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Spectactular Day
on the Hudson

22st Annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competition in review

Tugs gathering for race & fireboat Three Forty Three displaying water
(c) 2014 Jean Preece

The 22nd Annual Tugboat Race was another great success. This Labor Day weekend there was a huge turnout in tugs and spectators. There were a total of 17 tugboats and 2 fireboats, one of which: retired fireboat John J. Harvey, “raced” along side the tugs and displayed water at the finish line.

The nose to nose competition directly following the race was very spirited this year with lots of participants trying to push each other back. There was even a stern to stern competition between two buoy tenders: Lt Michael P. Murphy & Privateer.

The line toss competition even had an exciting twist this year when 1 tug, Buchanan 1 decided to have 2 line throwers as they came in for the toss. Both throwers got their lines on in a row. Then they came back a second time and did it again. Even with that impressive display they did not get the first place trophy as it is awarded by best time, which went to Mr. T also of Buchanan. Mr. T won the line toss with a time of 12.9 seconds.

The tug race had a newcomer this year and if there were an award for furthest distance traveled for the tug race that award would have gone to them. The Anthony Wayne of the U.S. Army traveled all the way from Baltimore, MD just to participate in the tugboat race. They didn’t go home empty handed though, they picked up the runner up trophy for 2nd place overall in the race. Not bad for a first time racing. One crewmember also picked up a well deserved award for best tattoo. They young man had his whole back done in a beautiful homage to the sea, which was so well done it, looked like a painting.

The very popular spinach eating competition was very well attended and we had more people that wanted to sign up then we had spinach. The first person to eat a whole can of Popeye’s spinach is the winner. Every year Allens Inc. generously donates their Popeye spinach to this fascinating turn out of competitive spinach eaters both child and adult.

The overall race winner this year is from a company that is no stranger to the tugboat race: McAllister. McAllister has sent many tugs every year since the fist tugboat race in 1992. This year they sent tug Robert McAllister and won the race.

For a complete list of race & competition results click here

Tugrace Winner Robert McAllister Crew with trophy
(c) 2014 Jhoneen Preece-Doswell


This event made possible by the generous support of:

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
NYC Economic Development Corporation
Friends of Hudson River Park (co-sponsor)
Hudson River Park Trust (our host venue)
Reinauer Transportation
McAllister Towing
Miller’s Tugs & Barge
Kirby Offshore Marine
(formerly K-Sea)
Metropolitan Marine Transportation
Bren Transportation
Vane Brothers

P.D. O’Hurleys (food & beverage)
Chritina Sun - (tee shirt art)
and Capt. Jerry Roberts, Founder of Race & Chief Judge/Announcer
US Coast Guard (permitting & support)
US Coast Guard Auxiliary (support vessels)
Thunder - Raritan Riverkeeper (race committee boat)
FDNY (fireboat water display)
US Army Corps of Engineers (finish line vessel)
Allens Inc – Popeye Spinach (cans of spinach for spinach eating contest)
Whole Foods (bowls for spinach eating contest)
South Street Seaport Museum (hawser for amateur line toss)
David Cunningham, Architect (assembly permit drawings)
West 44th Street Block Association (volunteers)
Meg Black, WHC Program Director
Capt. Betsy Frawley Haggerty (alternate chief judge & publicist)
Capt. Steve Bendo (port captain and judge)
Nelson Chin, Capt Maggie Flanagan, Mike Abegg, Lee & Ben Wellington, Renee & Gordon Stanley (maritime volunteers & contest coordinators)
Jean Preece (Spinach Eating Contest)
Plus the many volunteers of the Working Harbor Committee







Nose to Nose (c) 2014 Phyllis J. Murray

Crowds Gather on Pier 84 (c) Jhoneen Preece-Doswell

Big Tugs Racing (c) Mitch Waxman

Crowd Favorite The Bronx (c) Jhoneen Preece-Doswell

Stern to Stern Pushing (c) Mitch Waxman

Houma Line Toss (c) Mitch Waxman

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